Sharing this event with us is more than enough.  We know that almost everyone is coming from out of town and there are a lot of costs associated with travel, lodging, etc.  But if you do feel moved to get us something, we have two options below:

DONATE to Wheelchair Sports, USA

Wheelchair sports, USA is a great organization that provides sports opportunities for people with disabilities.  This organization has been a wonderful resource for our family. Read more, or choose to donate, HERE.

Donating instructions: At the homepage, click on “donate.”
Once you get to the confirmation page, please click on the box that says “Add special instructions to the seller.”  Add “Cole/Gaul Wedding” in the box so we know to thank you!


Honeymoon: Our favorite registry! We plan on packing our honeymoon with as many awesome activities as possible.  Memories last longer than goods.  Except in Greg’s case – the boy can barely remember yesterday.  But in theory…

Amazon: For getting us tools to entertain you the next time you visit!

Macy’s: To improve our sleeping/showering experiences.  Kristy’s current sheets turn Greg into a monster.  One of the many reasons our Halloween-spirited wedding is so appropriate.

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  1. nice job, guys. love the story, photos, lodging info, and your registry is definitely one of my favorites — shopping is going to be fun. see you in rio!

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